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To all in the Jensen 541 community, owners, potential owners and wellwishers, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, then we wish you a successful New Year.

You may remember some Christmases ago we used the lovely scene below which was provided 541 owner David Ancona.

David and his 541 subsequently moved to Spain, and he recently supplied me with the picture below of his car, now painted red, which he tentatively but successfully used on a trip to work.



We are sorry to report this month the sudden unexpected death of Andrew Cassar, well known UK dealer in used Jensens. Liked and respected by customers at his Wandsworth premises, he was only 52. He was part of a family of Jensen enthusiasts.
Rest in Peace.

C&SC magazine

The latest Classic & Sports Car magazine (January issue, in stores now) boasts on the front cover:
Glassfibre Greats
As that exactly describes the 541, I carefully studied the cover picture and discoved the little silver smudge in the far distance wasn't dirt on the lens, but a 541R.
Inside, there is a full page on the 541 by long-term fan Martin Buckley, where he praises everything from the performance to the smell! There are a couple of paragraphs about Shane Griffin's test car. You won't learn much if you already know about Jensen, but it is a great introduction for others.


I'm working on creating a clear copy of a Data Sheet I own, shown below, which itemises common parts required for the 541R which a dealer might be expected to stock.

Once completed, it will be posted on the 541 site, alongside other valuable resources such as a 541 "AA Parts list". "541 Features Page"

If you have similar invaluable material, please let me post it on the 541 site.

541 Handbooks

At present, a Jensen specialist is selling an original 541R handbook for £325 and a 541S handbook for £670.

To make handbook ownership less painful, I have produced a selection of handbooks (541, 541R and 541S)costing £14.95 plus postage exactly copying the content and layout of the originals but completely re-typed and typeset for clarity. I have added hardbacks to the range, at £22.95 plus postage, either linen covered with a dust jacket, or with a bright shiny cover.

You can purchase these books from the following locations:


Says it all really: All I want for Christmas is (a Jensen 541).

Jensen541.COM email link

Oldest Elf in the Grotto



Although the Lockdown in the UK was loosened in the Summer, we still had to cancel the "Jensen Owners' Club International Meeting", which was to have been held near Swindon on the weekend of 19th-21st June.

Undeterred, the Concours team devised an Alternative Online Concours.

This can be "visited" on our Club Forum here: "Online Concours"

There were only two 541 entrants, but they are both very desirable.

Runner-up in the Jensen 541 Gold Class was Alastair Thomas's magnificent and much-used family heirloom:

Click on the image to enlarge it - I've used some website resources to allow you to really enlarge these wonderful photos

In first place was this startlingly clean 541R, a new arrival on the 541 scene. (Click image to enlarge)

Traffic: Light

During the March lockdown, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said of British traffic volumes now, “As Transport Secretary in the 21st century I can now say that the level of car and road use is the equivalent to 1955", giving an interesting insight into the sort of roads for which the 541 was designed.

"S" celebrated on Lancaster Insurance site

A well-balanced write-up on the Jensen 541S appeared in November on the Lancasterinsurance.co.uk website. Author Andrew Roberts interestingly concludes that
It was never transport for the budding "Jet Set"; the sound of that Longbridge-sourced power-plant was just too parochial.

but flatteringly groups it with the Bristol 406 and AC Greyhound.

Lancaster Insurance site

Parts, Parts & more Parts

Brian Galpin has recently taken over Andy at Appleyard's supply of 541 parts. He can be contacted via his website:


Early Jensen Connection

If you are interested in the 541, you'll probably have a passing interest in an earlier Eric Neale / Jensen creation, Austin's A40 Sports. I've come across fascinating new external website dealing with this car. Recommended.

Link to external site austina40sports.dirksspacealbum.de

Club Regalia

A bit late maybe for the
"541 in Bourton On The Water By Ernest Newton" Christmas cards stocked by Regalia, but there's plenty more including:

a nice little window sticker for £1.75   (above) that is available from Regalia

Handbook reprints (541, 541R and 541S) are available from £14.95 plus postage for softback, or hardbacks at £22.95 plus postage. You can purchase these books from the following locations:

  • Myself, Stephen Carter, with a charge for postage: nullnom@yahoo.co.uk

  • Jensen Owners' Club Shop:
    www.joc.org.uk/shop/ (new window)
    Items purchased will be sent out by Regalia and postage cost will be added at checkout.


RedBubble will print just about anything onto anything, but it was pleasing to see one of the best 541 adverts on this Tee-Shirt. Note: there is no affiliation between this site and the JOC.
RedBubble -external site

Jensen541.COM email link

"What do you mean, you based him on me?

Waiting for the Beast from the East to hit



The 2019 Classic Motor Show at the NEC featured an amazing JOC stand in the form of the Controle CheckPoint from the 1959 London-Paris Bleriot Anniversary Race..

Although the fastest times were set by those taken on a fast courier motor bike to a military jet plane across the Channel, there was much kudos to be gained from taking a single vehicle the whole trip. In this category, John Webb (see as a black and white cutout in the picture above) drove the prototype 541R to a surprise victory over Sir Stirling Moss in a tuned Renault Dauphine, using a car-carrying Silver City Bristol Freighter to cross the water, in a total of:
 2 hours, 27 minutes and 17 seconds. 

Danny Bristow was happily chatting to everyone about his unique car, which he says may receive a new coat of paint and some fresh signwriting in the future, but is otherwise still very much as it was 60 years ago.

MODEL 541     - for sale

At Christmas, our thoughts turn to gifts and Etsy are keen to sell us a scale model of the 541 made entirely from wood. Originating in Russia, and costing ?51.24, they say:
This collection car is made of noble beech. All parts are cut and adjusted manually without the use of CNC machines. It is carefully polished and coated with special wood wax oil.

Etsy.com  (new window)

It's not the most accurate model, but it's nice that they have heard of the Jensen and produced a model, and it's eco-friendly too.

MODEL 541     - not for sale

Not just handbuilt, but built from scratch, a young chap in Mexico has, over the last dozen years, created around 1300 scale models. This has put him in the Guinness Book of World Records as "Largest Display of Handmade Model Cars"

Seen here are his 541, 4-litre Interceptor and PW Saloon. Again, not particularly accurate, but I think all the 1000+ models are instantly recognisable, so he must capture the essence of them.


This car had many thousands of pounds spent on its engine at specialist Denis Welch in 2012. A year ago this video was made at Radius Garage of Br?hl (near Cologne), Germany. It was recently in a German auction, but failed to find a buyer. (bighealey.co.uk)


   ...1956 541, 5 year restoration

MPN 245 was captured on the back of a transporter a few years ago, in running order but in need of a complete refurbishment.

After a rather nice interior refurbishment, a colour change to red, and a smart new replacement grille in place of the missing flap, the car was advertised and swiftly sold this summer.

Picture credit: Trim Fix

 Link to external Video of MPN 245

... previous featured car pictures are stored in an Archive page.  Go to the "Toolbox" tab to find this.


   ...the 541 has many interesting and unique parts... here's one of them...


Looking like a work of modern art, this partially stripped 541 boot shows the glass fibre underneath. The square shape of the numberplate recess shows it predates the 541R.
Come back in a month for another obscure part!

HAPPIER DAYS    Summer In the Park, June 2018

Picture credit: "hyphen"

Two years ago, Pistonheads member "Hyphen" took this lovely candid snap of WOT351, which is one of comic Charlie Drake's old cars.

"Saw this lovely thing yesterday, reg WOT 351, as per pic doing a U-Turn as owner wasn't aware that the park shut 20 minutes before and came to locked gates so he had to find another exit, hope he made it out ok hehe"

Ian Forster sold it on a few years ago, and since then the rear indicators have mysteriously changed from orange to white.

JOC INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND    18th - 20th June 2021

Yes, there is a tentative arrangement for the 2021 International to go ahead. Obviously, don't bet on it yet! If all goes well the JOC International Weekend will be at Alexandra House, Wroughton, near Marlborough Wiltshire..

The hotel can be contacted via this link

Picture credit: "S Carter, JOC Wroughton 2011"

WEDDING 541     -   Beamish photoshoot

Cam across this 2017 Wedding photoshoot at Beamish Hall where the bride was almost overshadowed by a beautiful 541.

Photographer Ken Lam said:
This little beauty also took some of the spotlight on the day - a Jensen 541 classic car, but what is most special about this car, is that there were only 226 of these made in the world, and this was the first one that came out of the factory! It was an honour to meet the classic car's owner, Mr Ian Forster who was a very nice man, he also allowed us to sit in the car too :)

KenLampPhotography  (new window)

Credit Ken Lam Photography; more pictures and information on above link.


At the end of WW2, Austin introduced a new engine, an OHV 1200cc for its A40 model. This was also found in the Jensen designed, and assembled, A40 Sports. (It was designed to be constructed using the same production lines as the prewar sidevalve Austin 10.) This went on to become a 1500cc engine, then redesigned as the 1622cc MG engine, then the later 1800cc as fitted to Marinas and the Princess wedge. (Initially sharing physical engine similarities, Austin Rover then added an overhead cam and it became the O series, which was fitted to the Maestro and Montego, then the M16 and T16 which takes us right through to the end. A whole series of engines which can trace their DNA, if not all their parts, back to the A40 Sports engine.)

However, Austin's OHV 1200cc engine was not an entirely clean-sheet design itself. It was influenced by the big wartime Austin K5 commercial 3995cc straight-six engine used in military trucks. This straight-six was developed into both the chopped down 4-cylinder Austin-Healey 100 engine, and, with some refinements, the Austin Sheerline/Princess engine used in the 541!

And where did that Austin K5 4-litre come from? It was influenced by the very successful wartime Bedford 3.5 litre engine, which was in turn a version of the US Chevrolet 235 straight six. So the Jensen 541 engine has a design philosophy copied from this Chevy 1929 Stovebolt engine!

Picture credit: "Stephen Foskett (Wikipedia User: sfoskett) - 2006 Bay State Antique Automobile Club Vintage show, CC BY-SA 3.0"


Striking images from Bridge Classic Cars:
https://www.bridgeclassiccars.co.uk/jensen-541-r-chromework/  (new window)

Just some of the chromework on a 541R being restored by Bridge Classic Cars

VIDEO CLIP:  President's Cup Winner, a dozen years on

This car was, at the JOC International, in 2009, winner of Best in Class, President's Cup and Members' Choice. It came to Bridge Classic cars (again!) in May for attention to the glorious golden paintwork.

Ex-Keith Hudson 541S


 Jensen Location Sensation

Yes, that is Phil Spencer, of the massively popular UK TV show "Location, Location, Location" leaning against his father's old 541 which he has just had refurbished.

Picture credit: Phil Spencer / Facebook

After taking it to Bill Rawles Classic Cars Ltd, an Austin-Healey specialist, they said,
An interesting project, this Jensen 541 has not been on the road since 1967! A recommission and assessment is in order."

Showing excellent taste, Phil elected to just polish the time-worn original paintwork instead of repainting.

... previous featured car pictures are stored in an Archive page.  Go to the "Toolbox" tab to find this.


   ...the 541 has many interesting and unique parts... here's one of them...

DS7 Waterpump Pulley...

This pulley is marked as being suitable for the DM7 type engine fitted to the first 541R models. The box bears the familiar "MOWOG" labelling, which was the unoffical brandname of Austin engine parts for a generation of motorists - it stands for MOrris WOlseley MG, and includes Austin, Austin-Healey, and Riley. Yes, a very weird acronym.
Come back in a month for another obscure part!