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July 1959.
The glamorous Daily Mail London-Paris air race is staged,
starting at Marble Arch and ending at the Arc de Triomphe. Any method can be used, from bubblecar to Helicopter using relay transport. The winning time involves bike couriers and a Hunter jet, and is just 40 minutes, but the best reward for a manufacturer is to see his car complete the whole course.

One car has managed this in 2 hours 27 minutes and 17 seconds.

It was chosen for its high top speed, sharp handling, good urban performance and reliability. Good looks and handbuilt exclusivity probably helped too. That car?

The Jensen 541R.

Its "fastest ever" time set a record for London to Paris in a car that has never been beaten, and included covering the 73 miles to the Kent airfield in just 72 minutes. The driver, John Webb, even beat Stirling Moss in a Renault by 28 minutes.

In a world of sidecar combinations and pre-war sidevalves, it must have been regarded as we think of a Bugatti Veyron now. Luckily for us, a large proportion of the 500+ production survive, and this fine car is now owned by enthusiastic owners who have avoided the "collectors prices" of other 50's classics.
The performance - shattering in the 1950's - is now less impressive, but it can still show a clean pair of heels to most cars on the road. The fourseater body provides comfort on longer trips, and the reliability factor is even more important now that parts are 50 years old. Reliable Austin parts in a handbuilt welded steel chassis are clothed in a glassfibre body shell. One thing that has never changed is the handsome appearance.

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