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What's on with CLASSIC CAR APP for Phones

Are you a classic car enthusiast? Do you own a classic car or enjoy looking at other classics at a show? Have you seen a group of classic cars on the road when travelling and wondered if there is a classic car show in that area? How do you find a classic car show near you?

You could wait till these dates appear in your chosen classic car magazine, local paper or spend hours looking on an internet. These are all good ways of finding out this information but now The Classic Car App is here.
Classic Car App Link


This gives you Dates, Postcodes, (where available) if itís a one, two or three day event. Event title plus provides a web page link. All Information is updated when available. This service is provided by Colin and Diane Mayes, from JOC Regalia.

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Private Individuals:

A NEW ENTRY - please do not confuse this one with, the official JOC site you are reading right now! It is called jensen541.CO.UK and has plenty of interesting content of cars owned by the Bristows, plus one that is for sale (n.b. the JOC does not not vouch for cars or services mentioned on this site!)

NEW ENTRY - Mike Byrne's old Jentune website is no more, but he has plenty of pictures on Flickr:

Our German friend Jens has an exciting site about his 541"S" and his CV8 - in German of course:

Stephen Carter ( webmaster) also has a personal site about his 541 Deluxe, with masses of information and pictures

A more general Jensen site is an American one called British Steel.

And connected with British Steel is Tony Baileys's Brochure page:

Commercial sites:
Please note: these links are for your convenience.
JOC does not necessarily endorse these traders:

Andy at Appleyards (just get the phone no. from the site and ring!):


Unit 1 Abbas Business Centre, Main Road, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, S021 1BQ
Tel: + 44 01962 779556

Martin Robey:

Cropredy Bridge Garage (Bob Cherry):

"Chassisman" Ron Everitt-Clay:
Contact via
Based in the Midlands - Fabricator/Restorer, especially of 541 chassis.

Long-time JOC member Tony Wilde used to be the Spares Secretary. Since moving to Oz he has branched out into making the spares! Several essential 541 parts are now available from him.

His site is not yet open so he has posted the pictures on Flickr and Tony has supplied me with a price list: