To all in the Jensen 541 community, owners, potential owners and wellwishers, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, then we wish you a successful New Year.

You may remember some Christmases ago we used the lovely scene below which was provided 541 owner David Ancona.

David and his 541 subsequently moved to Spain, and he recently supplied me with the picture below of his car, now painted red, which he tentatively but successfully used on a trip to work.


We are sorry to report this month the sudden unexpected death of Andrew Cassar, well known UK dealer in used Jensens. Liked and respected by customers at his Wandsworth premises, he was only 52. He was part of a family of Jensen enthusiasts.
Rest in Peace.

C&SC magazine

The latest Classic & Sports Car magazine (January issue, in stores now) boasts on the front cover:
Glassfibre Greats
As that exactly describes the 541, I carefully studied the cover picture and discoved the little silver smudge in the far distance wasn't dirt on the lens, but a 541R.
Inside, there is a full page on the 541 by long-term fan Martin Buckley, where he praises everything from the performance to the smell! There are a couple of paragraphs about Shane Griffin's test car. You won't learn much if you already know about Jensen, but it is a great introduction for others.


I'm working on creating a clear copy of a Data Sheet I own, shown below, which itemises common parts required for the 541R which a dealer might be expected to stock.

Once completed, it will be posted on the 541 site, alongside other valuable resources such as a 541 "AA Parts list". "541 Features Page"

If you have similar invaluable material, please let me post it on the 541 site.

541 Handbooks

At present, a Jensen specialist is selling an original 541R handbook for £325 and a 541S handbook for £670.

To make handbook ownership less painful, I have produced a selection of handbooks (541, 541R and 541S)costing £14.95 plus postage exactly copying the content and layout of the originals but completely re-typed and typeset for clarity. I have added hardbacks to the range, at £22.95 plus postage, either linen covered with a dust jacket, or with a bright shiny cover.

You can purchase these books from the following locations:


Says it all really: All I want for Christmas is (a Jensen 541).


The Christmas break seems to be the time many people plan their Summer holidays. Don't forget to check the Events on the Forum to see what is on offer over 2020

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"What do you mean, you based him on me?

Oldest Elf in the Grotto



The 2019 Classic Motor Show at the NEC featured an amazing JOC stand in the form of the Controle CheckPoint from the 1959 London-Paris Bleriot Anniversary Race..

Although the fastest times were set by those taken on a fast courier motor bike to a military jet plane across the Channel, there was much kudos to be gained from taking a single vehicle the whole trip. In this category, John Webb (see as a black and white cutout in the picture above) drove the prototype 541R to a surprise victory over Sir Stirling Moss in a tuned Renault Dauphine, using a car-carrying Silver City Bristol Freighter to cross the water, in a total of:
 2 hours, 27 minutes and 17 seconds. 

Danny Bristow was happily chatting to everyone about his unique car, which he says may receive a new coat of paint and some fresh signwriting in the future, but is otherwise still very much as it was 60 years ago.

MODEL 541     - for sale

At Christmas, our thoughts turn to gifts and Etsy are keen to sell us a scale model of the 541 made entirely from wood. Originating in Russia, and costing ?51.24, they say:
This collection car is made of noble beech. All parts are cut and adjusted manually without the use of CNC machines. It is carefully polished and coated with special wood wax oil.  (new window)

It's not the most accurate model, but it's nice that they have heard of the Jensen and produced a model, and it's eco-friendly too.

MODEL 541     - not for sale

Not just handbuilt, but built from scratch, a young chap in Mexico has, over the last dozen years, created around 1300 scale models. This has put him in the Guinness Book of World Records as "Largest Display of Handmade Model Cars"

Seen here are his 541, 4-litre Interceptor and PW Saloon. Again, not particularly accurate, but I think all the 1000+ models are instantly recognisable, so he must capture the essence of them.


This car had many thousands of pounds spent on its engine at specialist Denis Welch in 2012. A year ago this video was made at Radius Garage of Br?hl (near Cologne), Germany. It was recently in a German auction, but failed to find a buyer. (


   ...1956 541, 5 year restoration

MPN 245 was captured on the back of a transporter a few years ago, in running order but in need of a complete refurbishment.

After a rather nice interior refurbishment, a colour change to red, and a smart new replacement grille in place of the missing flap, the car was advertised and swiftly sold this summer.

Picture credit: Trim Fix

 Link to external Video of MPN 245

... previous featured car pictures are stored in an Archive page.  Go to the "Toolbox" tab to find this.


   ...the 541 has many interesting and unique parts... here's one of them...


Looking like a work of modern art, this partially stripped 541 boot shows the glass fibre underneath. The square shape of the numberplate recess shows it predates the 541R.
Come back in a month for another obscure part!