To all in the Jensen 541 community, owners, potential owners and wellwishers, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

We are revisiting the lovely scene at the top of this page which was provided a few years ago by 541 owner David Ancona

David and his 541 subsequently moved to Spain: we have Jensens throughout the world and maybe some of them are experiencing snow this Christmas!

Editor's Choice...

Contributor Craig Horner has emailed me details of when a Jensen 541 joined the fleet of Classic Car editor Michael Bowler, way back in 1974. I'll publish the link next time, when I've reduced the size of the PDF a bit, but as a tasterm here is that car on the front cover of Classic Car magazine in 1975.

Picture credit: T&CC


Regular readers will know we have been following the progress of the restoration of a 541R belonging to Fuzz Townshend of "Car SOS" TV fame. He is also a drummer, bus engineer, restorer and freelance classic car journalist.

I'm thrilled to report that his car is now MOT'd (although the restoration still continues) and is shown in this month's video clip (see right column).

More when he publishes pictures of the finished car!


I've heard exciting news of a LHD converted 541 that is just completing a magnificent restoration, and will soon be on the market. When I can say more, I'll post on the Forum "For Sale" section.


A couple of years ago, I posted this picture of an unidentifed car in an unknown location.

Well, previous owner Phil Stone identified it as a car he had previously owned, and it has now been repatriated from America to Derby where it will undergo restoration.

541 chassis 83 (OEA 145) has not changed much in the past decade since the earlier picture!

541 Prints

The JOC Club Shop is currently closed and will reopen at some point in January - when it does, don't forget to order your large prints of factory sketches and plans of the 541. Coming soon!


The Christmas break seems to be the time many people plan their Summer holidays. Don't forget to check the Events on the Forum to see what is on offer over 2018

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Better Elf in future...

Unfortunately, almost immediately after the JOC International this year, I was affected by a reasonably serious illness, so I'm sorry if I've not been able to contribute as much as I would hope. I have just received a letter holding out hope for a treatment, so roll on 2018! Best wishes to you all.


A FEW CHRISTMAS CARDS    Not a robin in sight!

The 541 featured in the 1960's as an exotic car on collector's cards - those small pieces of cardboard that came with cigarettes, tea, petrol or even just to buy in a pack.

Here's some Christmas cards featuring the 541R, 541S and 541 respectively.

541, GRAPHIC NOVEL STYLE     No more boring manuals

18 fascinating posters dealing with restoration

A huge scoop for Jensen! Brian Galpin has presented aspects of his 541 rebuild in "Graphic Novel" cartoon panel style - well worth a viewing. He is no longer running his own website, so he has agreed to let them be featured on this site until he needs them again. There are 18 panels in all; click below for the next six.

Rear Axle Pt1 (new window)

Rear Axle Pt2 (new window)

Chassis rebuild Pt1 (new window)

Chassis rebuild Pt2 (new window)

Chassis rebuild Pt3 (new window)

Chassis rebuild Pt4 (new window)

FAREWELL THELMA.     At the heart of the Club

Sadly, we have to report the death of Thelma Smith, tireless JOC events organiser for several decades. She, with her devoted husband Ron and often their dog, was a regular sight at club meetings with their famous aubergine Jensen 541R.

Picture credit: Steve Johnson

I'm sure we will all want to spare a thought for her family at this busy time of year.


It seems a fitting time to mention the 2018 International Weekend: the premier UK meeting for Jensen enthusiasts.
Reserve the weekend Friday 22 June 2018 to Sunday 24 June 2018. This year it will be at the Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern.

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As mentioned in the left column, TV "star" and all-round car nut Fuzz Townshend has finally got his 541 on the road. Here's a rather low-tech video of a test drive - sorry for the vertical framing!


   ...this month - the Disc Brake Prototype.

Amazing to think that when this prototype was being driven on public roads to test the brakes, it was one of only a handful of roadgoing cars with disc brakes anywhere in the world.

... previous featured car pictures are stored in an Archive page.  Go to the "Toolbox" tab to find this.


   ...the 541 has many interesting and unique parts... here's one of them...

Lucas ScreenJet operating button..

This small, cheap looking button is actually the correct fitment on many 541s to operate the screen washer supplied by Lucas as a factory optional extra. The second photograph shows the fixtures supplied by Lucas for fitting the ScreenJet.

Following some research, I established that the part was actually labelled "Castelco, 1A, 250V, Made in England". It comes with two lengths of fixing ring - we need the short one. You can still pick up old supplies of 3/8" thread switches, although the black button is rare. Make sure you are buying a Momentary Action (NO) sort, not a lamp on/off switch!

Futher investigation revealed that the switches are still made, with 10mm thread now, from 'Omeg', labelled as Castelco. Castelco Web Site

Contact info: Tel: 01342 410420      Email:
Not sure what their minimum order is!

Come back in a month for another obscure part!