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Spot-On Repairs

If you collect scale model cars, and have a Spot-On 541 in bad condition, you may be interested to know that replacement "perspex" windows - front, back and sides all in one - are available, from Steve Flowers Model Supplies of Leicester, at £7.50 including UK postage. Annoyingly, they are listed as "Jensen 514 reproduction" ; I told the vendor some years ago but it never changed!

Model Supplies, (external site, opens in new window)

There are also replacement wheels, steering wheels, number plates etc. available on the internet - try this link for a start. (external site, opens in new window)

Thermostat Solution?

For some years, supplies of the CORRECT type of thermostat, with a bypass function, have been restricted.

If you can locate one, you probably don't have a choice of the temperature at which it operates.

Specialist 1950s Aston suppliers Four Ashes Garage have a similar problem with the thermostats for the DB2/4 etc. They believe they have a solution in the form of an adaptor to fit the housing, complete with bypass function. Into this, slips a "modern Jaguar XJ6 thermostat, available from many suppliers, and in the choice of temperatures to meet your need. If the thermostat ever fails, or needs to be altered, you can just replace the £12 (or less) part leaving the adaptor in place. The kits are in stock, at £135.00 + vat, and they advise you bring your existing thermostat housing to them in Stratford upon Avon, to check whether they fit Jensens as well as Astons.

Ask for: 50083K, Thermostat Adaptor Kit (V2) for Thermostat Housing to Stat, DB2 to DB MkIII, Lagonda 2.6 & 3ltr, LB/VB6/DB series engines

Enquiries to : (avoid using the online contact forms). (external site, opens in new window)

Market Results

There have been a couple of very nice 541s at auction recently, ready to drive away and enjoy.

The first was the brown 1957 deluxe, previously owned by JOC Club founder member Len Jackson, complete with No.1 badge. This sold for a very reasonable £32,200 inc. premium.

(Click for closeups)

Secondly, the Aston racing green 541, subject to a thorough older restoration, which fetched £30,750.

Link: the market Bonhams

(Click for closeup)


A heavily edited version of the East Anglican Daily Times interview in 2022 with Gordon Ransom, by Danielle Lett. Full article:

Image credit: Archant

Father and son duo Gordon and Craig Ranson

“I grew up with a father who had many classic cars - I used to see him taking them to shows, and we’ve always been really close. He didn’t restore them himself but he knew a lot of people who did and had contacts who used to restore them for him. So I grew up with cars that were restored to a high standard, and that’s what gave me a love for them."

When Craig was working in the film and television industry and Gordon in a whisky distillery, the two had the idea to turn their side project into their full-time gig.

“We started off buying and selling cars in Colchester, and that’s where the name came from, as we were based at the little yard next to the railway bridge. We met a guy who was a part-time restorer, and asked him if he wanted to come work with us.” The rest is history.

“We set up Bridge Classic Cars as it’s always the same old story with classic car restoration companies. You give them a car, they put it in a corner and then 10 years later they start to work on it. And you’re left without your car for 10 to 15 years – some people die before they get their car back. “If you bring a car to us, we may not be able to get started on it right away, but the date we’ll give you is the date we will start working on it.”

“There’s a particular model called the 541, and Jensen made around 260 of them. It’s such a pretty car, and we found one in a barn years ago.
After coming across such a rare find, Craig, Gordon and the rest of the crew soon got to work on the coveted machine. “We thought it would be a sideline project for us, but we soon realised how difficult it was going to be. Every Jensen specialist we spoke to didn’t want to touch it, so we built it ourselves.” Admitting it cost ‘probably twice as much as it should’ve done’, Craig adds that it was a learning curve for all involved.
“... we soon had people contacting us to see if we could do their 541. A couple of months ago, we had 13 of them in a row.”

To find out more visit

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If you have a business connected to the Jensen 541 that you would like to be featured on this website, please send us the details.

1956 Tatra JK 2500 GT Coupe Prototype

Another in an occasional series about cars that look like a 541...

In Czechoslovakia, starting in 1951, an outside division of Tatra decided to create this 2 seat coupe.

Julius Kubinsky, a well known Slovak designer of F1 & Grand Prix race cars, created the shape, finalising it in late 1955. It had Jensen like strakes over the front wheels. A Tatra 603 air-cooled 2545cc V8 delivered 140hp, and it topped out at 129mph.

The Cold War era was not the best time to try to get Tatra to produce such a machine, and after 15 years of ownership with the designer, the car vanished. We are left with some grainy original pictures, and a beautiful modern rendering.


The Comedy Man was a black and white 1964 film starring Kenneth Moore and Billie Whitelaw. It's well worth watching, in an old-fashioned way, as it tells the bittersweet story of an aging actor.
One bright viewer spotted a mystery convertible at around 52 minutes into the film, as a character walks towards a London bridge. Amazingly, even though it only appears for a couple of seconds, it was identified as the exceptionally rare Jensen 541 convertible, bodied by Abbot. There were only two of these built - Chassis 3 and 4 of the Jensen 541 production. They lacked glamour, and no further models were made. Both still survive.

Here's a close-up.

Many thanks to The Internet Movie Cars DataBase


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All the above 541s are Spot-On models, famous for always being in true 1:42 scale, unlike their Corgi and Dinky rivals. The diecast toy cars were made by Tri-ang from 1959 through about 1967, eventually being subsumed into the more commercially successful Dinky range.


Save the dates! 23-25 June 2023

The Club has booked Telford Hotel Spa & Golf Resort.

Stuart Allen reports:

The hotel enjoys a truly enviable location, overlooking the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ironbridge Gorge, nestled amid acres of gorgeous Severn Valley countryside. For our event:

• Exclusive use of a large, flat tarmacked car park with water supply to accommodate our Concours competition.
• A selection (almost all gone) of double, twin and family rooms, interconnected and accessible rooms and even dog-friendly rooms (at a small supplement)
• Use of the Gym and swimming pool.
• Free WiFi throughout.
• Well-appointed conference suite (in a converted 17th Century barn to accommodate the Friday buffet dinner, the Saturday gala dinner dance and the Prize giving on Sunday.

Contact Stuart Allen

FUN AND GAMES    Animated 541

I'm a bit out of my depth here, but Spotracers is an arcade style game, with polygonal style graphics for quick response.
Link to external site:
Google Play site  (new window)

SpotRacers is a game where you scan & collect real cars from the street and use them for racing against your friends. Build your personal car collection, and customize each car to fit your play style and personality.

What makes it distinctive is the ability to create new animated cars, which are given vaguely connected names (to avoid copyright problems?). In this case, the Jensen 541 lookalike is given the appropriate name of "Neale", in honour of the designer Eric Neale. It captures the looks of a 541R, with a touch of 541S about the front, very well.


There is also an earlier version:



   TECHNICAL NOTES:   The Smiths Bevelift Jack  

No 541 can be truly complete without the "Bevelift" jack in the boot. This was described, just prewar, as "totally enclosed and very light in operation", having been patented by John Ferguson Stevenson of Wolverhampton. In July 1937 Smiths acquired Stevenson Jacking Systems Ltd of Wolverhampton (The British Tool Co. of Wolverhampton actually constucted them).

Luckily the "SJS" logo did not need to altered as the name changed to Smiths-Stevenson Jacking Systems, and eventually Smiths Jacking Systems. The various names were embossed on the foot of the jacks.

credits: classic british car jacks

Two trap doors in the floor of the 541 were provided to accommodate the Bevelift jack when it was in use, so it could theoretically be operated in safety inside the car, away from rain and cold.
The jack’s mechanism was totally enclosed and consisted of a screw thread arrangement inside a telescopic tubular strut, with small bevel gears (hence the Bevelift name) at the top and an arm on one side. This arm fitted into a socket in the chassis frame on the side which is to be raised. To operate the jack, you placed it in position and applied the wheel brace to a hexagon on the side of the head of the jack. The jack was then able to be turned very easily and quickly to lift both wheels on one side of the car.

credits: classic british car jacks via Mike Byrne

The first thing to be noted is that with the passing of the years both jack and car may have weakened, and you should not rely on its safety in the 21st century.

Secondly, there are many variants of the design so a secondhand buy may not safely fit the 541. The website may give you some help in choosing the right jack - some of the information here is from that site.

Link to external site:  (new window)[site marked as "Not Secure"]

Thanks to a tip-off from Mike Byrne, I was able to locate a UK Patent diagram for a Bevelift:


Jensen 541R racing at Goodwood: "1000 piece puzzles are custom made in the UK. The completed puzzle measures 50x66cm and is delivered packaged in an attractive presentation box specially designed to fit most letter box slots"

Available for £39 plus postage.

Link to external site:  (new window)


 THE "GENESIS" 541, In Florida

The Prototype 541 - with many unique features not shared with the production cars - now resides in the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, in the St. Petersburg area of west central Florida.
They recently published a clip of the car being given an outing, proving it remains in excellent condition. Perhaps a little double declutching would help the gearchange. Interestingly, they change down to first before pulling out of a junction, so the gearbox ratios must vary from the production cars. First gear on a normal 541 is too low for ordinary use.

Video credit: "Tampa Museum"

Tampa Bay Automobile Museum (new window)


 Lovely 1958 Disc-brake 541

Late in the 541 production, this car has many Deluxe features. It was restored by Brian Galpin, and was recently for sale.

Picture credit: Bonhams Market

... previous featured car pictures are stored in an Archive page.  Go to the "Toolbox" tab to find this.


   ...the 541 has many interesting and unique parts... here's one of them...

Picture credit:

According to supplier Without Brakes, "3 Bolt Steering Idler for early 541. Up to chassis 46/5206 This is an exchange item and we require your old unit in return."

Come back in a month for another obscure part!