Who won the race to 541 Concours Champion?...

We were treated to the sight of 3 World-class 541 concours entrants lined up at Ettington Chase Conference Centre. Yet none of them were entered in the competition!

  • Keith Hudson's 2009 winner was a non-runner - there "just for fun", but still immaculate.
  • Ian Proudfoot's amazing 2008 winner fell at the first fence - it overheated on the way down and he was devastated to see unsightly pimples appear on the paint of his header tank. With a magnifying glass and a good light, I just about made them out! Still, it was enough to make him withdraw.
  • Lennie Boulton's previous prizewinner was scratched from the running order as it no longer competes at the Club event.

  • This left Keith Lee's lovely early 541 to canter past the finishing post unopposed - but a worthy winner with plenty of character.

  • Full 541 Results:
    Silver Class:
    1st:   Roger Coles    LHL 909

    LHL 909

    2nd:   Dick Thomas    YLR 636

    YLR 636

    3rd:   Ian Forster    WOT 351

    WOT 351

    Gold Class:
    1st:   Keith Lee    NEA 495

    NEA 495

    Congratulations to you all!

    And here are the three World Class contenders that stayed in the paddock:
    PinkWOT 351WOT 351
    Lennie Boulton
    Keith Hudson
    Ian Proudfoot