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Smiths / Jaeger speedometer/instrument repair manual (new window)

Click here to open article on reaming SU Carb bushes (new window)

Moss gearbox identification guide (new window)

Laycock A type overdrive(new window)

Laycock A type overdrive How-To (new window)

From Quantum Mechanics in the US
Overdrive oil recommendation
How to properly shift an overdrive(new window)

Smiths and Jaeger tacho Converting to different/later movements (new window)

Repairing glassfibre (new window)

Repairing glassfibre Addendum (new window)

Tyre resources, the age issue , modern equivalents, decoding the markings:- (new window) (new window) (new window)

ATLA Decoder (automotive three or four letter ancronyms) (new window)

Zinc Plating (new window)

Removing stains from leather upholstory (new window)

Practical classics leather restoration (new video window)

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Lucas fault diagnosis and service manual
Lucas charging system tests
Lucas Distributor resource
Tuning lucas distributors
Rebuilding a lucas distributor (4 Cylinder but same principles for 6 cylinder)
Lucas Distributor identification, list of which models fitted to which vehicles and their specs
Lucas Bulb Catalogue specs drawings etc
Tuning SU Carbs
SU Carb repair instructions and parts identification guide
And finally good for a giggle though a serious article from the auto car , roadside ignition troubleshooting
and tracing engine troubles

With no offical 541 Workshop Manual, owners have to search through contemporary manuals for cars with similar mechanicals, such as the Princess or Jaguar. Mike Byrnes has put his (considerable) experience of 541's distilled onto one CD - it's like living inside Mike's head for a day... Price is £15.00 plus £3.00 post and packing. Mike is able to personalise each copy with the owner's car on the front sleeve if they wish so a photo or jpg should be included with order.
For details, email

Keep your eyes open for any leads! If anyone suspects they have seen the 541R car "NOA 45", or parts from it (parts can usually be identified and breaking it multiplies the chance of detection), contact the UK police as it was stolen in Cumbria two years ago. Or contact the dealer "Bobs Affordable Classics" from Knowle, Solihull : - he is still offering an eyewateringly large reward for its safe return. Phone Number: 01564 779746